Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside

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Roger Moore(Dallas Morning News):If it's January, it grape-juice be low-grade horror season. Read besides here: wicked one-inside-ex-lexingtonians.html#storylink=cpy
Peter Travers(Rolling Stone):From the amateur performance, writing and directing to an ending that is frightful only in its stupidity, The Devil Inside power of choosing make you puke for all the guilt reasons.
Joe Neumaier(New York Daily News):It stumbles forward to what may arguably be the ~ numerous abrupt, nonsensical ending since Luis Bunuel stopped slicing cows' eyes because of the sake of surrealism.
Wesley Morris(Boston Globe):"The Devil Inside'' usefully reminds us in what way little it takes to make some people scream in a crowded movie theater.
Clark Collis(Entertainment Weekly):The Devil Inside's biggest frighten arrives when it abruptly ends - regular as it hits its stride.
Mark Olsen(Los Angeles Times):People of the terraqueous globe: If you find some footage, leave it have ~ing. You will likely be doing the rest of us a very large favor.
Ken McIntyre(Total Film):A weak-budget, low-watt belly botherer saved from chronicle's dustbin by a few gruesome moments and a gob-snap of an ending that (almost) makes it price the slog.
John Beifuss(Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)):To ~nag the running time, the end credits flow at a snail's pace; they do reveal the interesting fact that the possessed woman's 'contortionist double' is common 'Pixie Le Knot.'
Jim Lane(Sacramento News & Review):Call it The Blair Exorcist Project ...
Linda Cook(KWQC-TV (Iowa)):Gentle reader, be prepared for a shock."The Devil Inside" is virtuous fiction. I know about the advertising campaign and that it's supposed to have ~ing based on a true story, moreover it's not. It has a screenwriter, director and everything, even professional actors.
John Wirt(Boston Phoenix):A non-scary movie possessed through badness.
Susan Granger(SSG Syndicate):It's a preternatural, satanic stunt - and, judging by its astonishing grosses, it won't be the last of its kind.
Tim Brayton(Antagony & Ecstasy):Suggests at least this much: the race for Worst Film of the Year is going to have ~ing extremely competitive.
Rob Gonsalves( is in what way the world ends: not with a rattle or a whimper but with a URL.
Peter Paras(E! Online):For greatest in quantity of the running time this goblin pic amps up the blurry shots and emphatic booming screams to signify well, not much.
Brett Michel(Boston Herald):"The Vatican doesn't ratify this film or its completion," are the ~ and foremost words to appear on the blank screen that begins this film. Having sat through it, I put on't endorse it, either.


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